Tips, tricks, and information for people looking to host their website with Bluehost.

Bluehost Features

You might be wanting some more details on why we think Bluehost is your best choice in terms of website hosting. It’s one of the largest web hosts in the world today which definitely comes with some perks, let’s take a look at what some of those are.

Variety of Products

Some hosting companies only do shared web hosting (which might not be robust enough for your needs) and some companies only do dedicated servers (which might be far more complex than what you need, and out of your budget too!). Bluehost offers both of those products, as well as VPS hosting which falls somewhere in the middle. If you are specifically looking to build your website around WordPress then they have a plan designed specifically for you! They also offer reseller hosting which is great for web developers and designers who want to build hosting client sites into their business model.

Top Notch Customer Support

Bluehost boasts 24/7 customer support with their call center located within the United States. If you don’t want to sit on the phone you can email in a support ticket, most tickets are responded to within 30 minutes of submission and at most you will hear back from a support technician within 24 hours. They also have an extensive knowledgebase that might be able to answer your question without you having to speak to anybody at all! You could also search the customer forum and see if your question has been answered there, and post a new thread if it has not.

One-Click Software Installation

These days there is a wealth of open source software out there to assist you with content management, forums, wikis, shopping carts, mailing lists, and more! Installing that software on your own can be tricky and require knowledge of programming or how to set up databases. Bluehost does all of the heavy lifting and makes it as easy as clicking a button!

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