Tips, tricks, and information for people looking to host their website with Bluehost.


Why make a site just about Bluehost?

Because we really think it’s that great! We’re a team of freelance web developers who have been using Bluehost as our host of choice for both our own websites and for our clients for years now, they have a variety of plans and products available to fulfill every individual’s or business’ needs. Add in top-notch customer support, easy one-click software installation, and a risk free trial period and they are a clear choice for anybody looking to set up a website for business or personal use.

Will you make a website or do marketing for me?

As I mentioned we have over 10 years combined experience in the web development and online marketing industries, but this site isn’t about selling you on our services. Our vision for this website is for it to serve as a guide and resource for people who are thinking of signing up with Bluehost or who already have hosting with them and want to learn more about how to get the most out of their experience. Tips and tricks on how to use your control panel, how to save yourself some money on services and products, how to install a variety of useful software, and if you haven’t signed up yet a guide to their products and what will best serve your specific needs.

I’m a total novice, where should I start?

No problem! Purchasing and setting up web hosting can seem a little daunting at first, but once you learn your way around a control panel it’s really not that bad. And luckily for us Bluehost uses cPanel which is a very robust system with a visual interface that isn’t very hard to learn. As for this website your best bet is to visit our ‘Getting Started’ section, which will feature beginner level tutorials and lots of helpful tips and tricks.